G3 – G4 Air Diffuser

  • One piece construction / robust.
  • Fixed Grill.
  • Optional filter(G2 to F5) inserted into rear.
  • CNC machine manufactured.
  • No moving parts to break.
  • Stainless Steel Standard sizes in stock.
Technical Brochures
Datasheet (131.59 KB - pdf) Download
G3 – G4 Air Diffuser
Type 7

The Longar® Type 7 air diffuser is held in stock in a number of sizes, this product is ideal for a number of applications including the heating and ventilation industry as a grill or air diffuser. The grill can be fitted with a filter at the rear to provide filtration for situations where an improvement in IAQ is required. When the diffuser is utilised in canopy installations, this offers greater strength to the canopy when fitted.

Stainless Air Diffuser/Grille 400(L)x200(H)x37(D)mm

Stainless Air Diffuser/Grille 750(L)x200(H)x37(D)mm

Stainless Air Diffuser/Grille 1000(L)x300(H)x37(D)mm

Stainless Air Diffuser/Grille 1200(L)x300(H)x37(D)mm

Stainless Air Diffuser/Grille 1400(L)x300(H)x37(D)mm