About Longar

Incorporated in 1970, Longar Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial grease and industrial air filter products.

We have a wide range of abilities that span from generic filters that can be found on our website to bespoke items that are designed, tested and manufactured in house to customer’s requirements.

Our quality products driven by our ongoing innovation, linked to our outstanding customer service keeps our products at the top of the pile.

Since 1980 we have been delivering the Longar® product to OEM, Fabricators, Distributors and end users around the world. The Longar® trademark is recognised around the world as a first class brand synonymous with high quality products, manufactured to exacting requirements and built to last.

Our HQ provides state of the art world class manufacturing; from design to manufacture we are able to take all projects from inception to full scale production. Utilising CAD technology to produce prototype’s to customer requirements.

Manufacturing abilities include, Metal forming, bending, cutting, wire forming, part marking, powder coating, spot welding, welding plus material processing in a number of forms.

We hold a number of standards: ISO9000, DIN18869-5, UL 1046, ASTM 2519, EN779, and IIP, to name a few.

Longar Industries holds many products as standard inventory; we are able to deliver our Longar® products in standard sizes and custom variants, around the world, on time.

Manufacturing is what we do best; contact us to see the difference.