Type 19 & 20 Grease/Air Eliminator

  • Premium G2-F5 filters, where the highest integral strength is required over a standard PHF.
  • CNC Machine manufactured for perfect products every time, exact tolerance.
  • Male/Female interlocking parts to facilitate solid connection, coupled with faster media changing over standard PHF concept.
  • Customers name can be embossed or laser part marked on product.
    High humidity areas – moisture proof casing.


  • Pre filtration for machinery
  • Air handling Equipment
  • Air Conditioning
  • Moisture Laden Environments
  • Retail/Hospitals/Automotive
Technical Brochures
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Type 19 & 20 Grease/Air Eliminator
Type 19/20

LONGAR™ TYPE 19 & 20

The LONGAR™ Type 19 & 20 was developed due to a problem that a number of our customers were experiencing. Customers were using a standard PHF for many years but found that they required greater structural integrity and at the same time an improvement in aesthetics. As a result the Type 19 & 20 Grease/Air Eliminator was developed.

LONGAR™ Type 19 is an all metal Grade G1-G4 Metal Filter comprising of expanded metal layers within the outer metal eliminator casings.

LONGAR™ Type 20 is a Grade G2 to F5 Filter Media within the outer metal eliminator casing.

The Grease/Air Eliminator can be used in a number of HVAC applications by changing the media to suit. Some typical applications are G1/G2 grease filtration & G3/4 & F5 Air filtration.