Filtration Housing

  • Designed and manufactured in house from start to finish
  • Filter selection to suit a wide variety of applications
  • Custom applications – built to order
  • Unlike competitors we use no plastic parts, our products are all welded metal construction built to last
  • Insulated Filter Access Door
Technical Brochures
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Filtration Housing
Type 8

The Longar® Type 8 Filtration Housing we manufacture is produced entirely from robust galvanised steel. All housings come with a minimum of one removable side access door in order to remove and inspect the filters, there are options to have more doors where required. We offer a large range of filter choices to suit the application, please enquire for a bespoke quotation. The below are some typical applications:

We offer housings from two stages to five stages depending on the level of filtration required.

Kitchen Ventilation: Type 4 Mesh Filter > Type 11PPF > Type 14 Rigid Bag Filter > Type 8 Carbon Filter

Kitchen Ventilation where smoke & fume removal is required: Type 4 Mesh Filter > Type 11 PPF > Type 14 Rigid Bag Filter > Type 17 HEPA Filter > Type 8 Carbon Filter

General Ventilation, Supply Air: Type 11PPF > Type 14 Bag Filter > Type 14 Rigid Bag Filter